About us

The Brand: Tarocollection is a collection of colourful and sparkly elegant jewelry to celebrate women from around the world. Each piece created is to be worn as an expression of one's authenticity and designed to maximize the appearance of any outfit. The designs are original, injecting a feeling of luxury and uniqueness. 


The Movement: Tarocollection aims to motivate women to be who they are no matter where they come from. We stand to empower women to live life to the fullest despite what has happened to them. We seek to transform the way women around the world look at themselves and others. Tarocollection inspires women to work towards becoming a better person. 

Owner: Tola Awolesi known as Tolly, founder and creative director of Tarocollection jewelry line is based in London, United Kingdom. 

Tarocollection was born out of a genuine flare, passion and love of classy and glam jewelry. The journey started from a young age, making friendship bracelets, bespoke pieces and altering readymade pieces for friends and family.

Tolly fell so much in love with jewellery making as a hobby, she could not do without making jewellery every single day. After a while, she decided to follow her heart in the field she was internally drawn to, her love for jewellery making, she decided to perfect her craft by enrolling on courses after she had her two children, her jewellery making hobby gradually evolved into a real business, Tarocollection officially emerged in 2012 after realizing there was a gap and demand in the market for her pieces.